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Live-Blogging Project Runway 4.10 February 6, 2008

Posted by Amy in Project Runway, TV.
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10:00 – Previously on Project Runway, there was a rerun, which made me angry. But before that, Victorya got eliminated, which she deserved, but not with Chris & Ricky still around. Also Ricky won, which…no. Just, no.

10:02 – Heidi comes on the runway. Are the designers ready for their next challenge? Oh, designers, that should have been your first clue you aren’t going to get it here. Sure enough, Heidi says too bad, Tim will give them their challenge tomorrow. Everyone looks nervous.

10:04 – In the apartments, Sweet P speculates that the challenge is going to be a cocktail dress because of what Heidi is wearing. What? Has what Heidi wears EVER been a factor in what the challenge is before? What about all of Season 2 when she was pregnant? Or that episode the challenge was a skating outfit for Sasha Cohen? Did Heidi come out dressed in a leotard and I somehow forgot this?

10:05 – Challenge time. Tim says they’re taking a field trip. Everyone is instantly weary. You know, I’m getting tired of this skeptical attitude week after week, designers. How do you know the challenge isn’t going to be awesome & not involve some kind of ridiculous stunt that has very little to do with anything you’ll actually do in the real world?

10:05 – Because of the terrifying shrieking noises coming from behind the door where their challenge lies, that’s how. The door opens and there’s a WWE ring set up in the runway room and a bunch of those WWE girls in the ring basically trying to kill each other. First of all, OMFG. Secondly, I just want to once again express my continued amazement that the WWE still exists.

10:07 – Tim hilariously rings a bell to stop the fighting, which is only funny because Tim does everything in such a precise, prim way that he even rings a bell meticulously. He says the girls are the divas of the WWE and they are the clients. More hilarity as Tim struggles through the ropes and gets into the ring with the divas to get them to introduce themselves and their styles. The styles include “All-American Girl,” “Leather and Lace” and “Sex Kitten.” Ooooh, this is going to be good.

10:08 – The challenge is to select a diva and create an outfit for her to wear in the rink. OMG awesome. The designers pick divas and head up to the workroom. They have 30 minutes to talk before a trip to…wait for it…Spandex House. Pause the live-blog while I rewind to hear Tim say “Spandex House” again. Hee!

10:09 – Sweet P’s diva, the self-described Sex Kitten, leans over in her ridiculous tank top to show her something and Bravo’s ratings spike up 12 points. Sweet P says all the sparkles scare her and she doesn’t get it. Red flag!

10:12 – The designers go to Spandex House and all pick out awesome, tacky fabrics of awesome tackiness. It’s pretty awesome. And tacky.

10:12 – Back in the workroom, it’s product placement time. Blockbuster Total Access DVD players! This is part of Blockbuster’s marketing plan to win back all the business they’re losing to Netflix and On-Demand and the fact that nobody willingly pays $4.99 to see a movie that’s been out for six months anymore?

10:13 – Rami shows off his demure, Barbie-pink fabric. He immediately starts draping. Oh, come ON. How much longer is this guy going to get away with the world’s most obvious one-note talent?

10:13 – Christian makes and models fierce leather chaps. While still wearing the chaps, he calls Sweet P’s material the tackiest fabric in the room. I mean, okay, it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s modeling chaps, but her fabric is hideous. Interestingly, a lot of the fabrics here would not have been out of place in the prom challenge.

10:17 – It’s Day 2 and Chris is completely calm about the absurdness of this challenge since he’s pretty used to designing outrageously tacky clothes anyway. He says he wants his diva to look like an animal in a cage. We see his leopard-print and random black straps and I’m getting a red flag. Then again, it’s hard to tell what’s hideous and what’s appropriate in this challenge.

10:19 – Sweet P challenges Christian to arm wrestling. She ends up cheating, but Christian would have won. He says he’s beast and nobody even knows it. I know it, Christian.

10:20 – Tim comes in and says he has a “nice surprise.” The divas are here for a fitting. How is that a surprise? None of the designers question Tim, which is always a good idea. The divas come in wearing normal clothes. Chris’s model looooves the leopard. The hood she’s wearing is actually pretty cute.

10:21 – Tim says Sweet P’s outfit is average. Sweet P says her client wants to add all sorts of crap to it, including cutting stars out of the tiny shorts. Oh dear. Tim tells Ricky he’s concerned about the orange color of his outfit. Ricky is this week’s ill-advised designer-who-ignores-Tim’s-advice. It doesn’t even make me angry since I desperately want him to be eliminated. Ignore away, Ricky.

10:24 – Tim’s second round of consultations. He doesn’t want the color of his outfit to be Rami’s downfall. I think the downfall’s going to be the draping, but I’m not one to disagree with Tim Gunn. Everyone hates Sweet P’s outfit. She’s crying and running out of time. It feels like she cries and runs out of time every week.

10:30 – Day 3. Chris wonders what the judges can probably say about this challenge? What could Nina Garcia possibly say? She hates spandex? They went to Spandex House, for goodness sake.

10:32 – Sweet P’s diva wants more bling. Sweet P seems resigned. Aw. Christian’s leather and lace looks HOT. How does he always do it? Everyone is incredulous of Ricky’s orange swimsuit.

10:34 – Chris thinks Rami’s outfit is tacky. CHRIS says this. Dear God.

10:40 – Runway time. Heidi is wearing a sparkly red skintight dress. It would look really tacky on just about anybody else and even she can’t really pull it off. Leave that stuff to Tyra, Heidi. The guest judges are two designers from Heartherette. Let’s start the show!

10:41 – Christian’s leather and lace is pretty complicated. Her diva looks like a drag queen, let’s be real. Ricky’s diva works it, but she’s still in an unflattering orange swimsuit. Sweet P’s diva does the robe-and-reveal bit, but it doesn’t look very good. I’m worried.

10:44 – The judges want to talk to everyone. Michael Kors feels like he’s a pope in a sex club. Well put. The judges like Jillian’s Sporty Spice look and the tiny, tiny booty shorts. They don’t get Americana from Rami’s outfit and Nina predictably hates the color. Rami’s outfit is truly awful. It’s all pink with inappropriate draping that for some reason no one calls him on.

10:45 – Christian’s diva loves the leather and lace. The guest judge says she looks powerful. The judges say she looks intimidating and Heidi mocks like she’s going to fight the diva. That would be awesome. Christian is in. The judges tell Sweet P she should have gone for more of a real robe-and-reveal, but they don’t hate it as much as I thought they would.

10:46 – The judges love Chris’s leopard hood and its adorable sparkly lining. They say it looks expensive. Michael Kors says it wasn’t much a stretch for Chris. Touche, underhandedly saying Chris is a tacky designer. They don’t hate Ricky’s outfit as a bathing suit, but not as a costume. They don’t like the weird top thing he put over it. They don’t think it’s “superhero” enough.

10:49 – The judges continue to like Chris, Christian and Jillian. They think Ricky completely missed the boat. I am SO HAPPY he doesn’t have immunity! Michael Kors says he’s seen that swimsuit before. Um, hello, thank you. They also don’t like Rami’s pink explosion Paris Hilton wannabe. Heidi spends some time dissing the diva and I hope she doesn’t get attacked in the streets. They don’t like Sweet P’s “chewed up robe” and say she didn’t please her tacky client.

10:56 – America wants to see Tim fight the WWE divas. I do too. Who wouldn’t, really?

10:57 – One of the designers will be the winner and one of them will be out. Jillian is in. The winner is…Chris. His diva will wear his outfit in the ring. I don’t think Chris is the next great American designer, but I really like his personality and about once every three weeks or so, he really cranks out something awesome.

10:58 – Christian is in. Rami is in. I mean, I guess. I thought his outfit was horrible, but I suppose the other two were worse. Down to Ricky and Sweet P. Oh come on come on come on….Sweet P…is IN! YES!! Ricky is auf-ed! FINALLY.

10:59 – In the back, Ricky says he has his whole life to have a show at Bryant Park. Or in his case, to not have a show at Bryant Park.

11:00 – Next week…one last field trip and the designers actually look happy about it. Sweet P is in trouble AGAIN. Christian divas everyone. And it’s the end of the roller coaster ride.


1. meredithk1981 - February 7, 2008

I actually really liked this episode, and some of the outfits, despite the tackiness and gaudiness of it all, were sort of cute in a fiesty Frederick’s of Hollywood kind of way. My favorite moments:
-When Tim first stepped into the ring and was like, “Grampa’s having some trouble with the ropes.”
-Chris and Christian discussing their superhero personas. Christian says he would be some kind of Fierce diva (natch) and spray people with hairspray. Although he gets diva-ish, he’s grown on me a lot.
-Heatherette!! We love them. My friend helped them dress models about 2 years ago at Bryant Park and said they were fantastic to work with.
-Crybaby FINALLY gets auf’d. Good lord, it took long enough.

Thanks again for the live blog, it’s always fun to read your comments the next day. 🙂

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