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Three Up & Three Down – Super Bowl First Half Ads February 3, 2008

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Overall, still not up to the admittedly raised standard of Super Bowl ads, but vastly better than last year so far. Here are my three up & three down so far…


  • Bud Light – Breathing Fire
    “Do you have a cat?…I’m really sorry.” Oh, LOL. You can always count on Budweiser to have a good showing. Cheese Run was also very funny. “That will go perfect with this baguette.”
  • FedEx – Carrier Pigeons
    Definitely creative. FedEx is also usually pretty consistent.
  • Tide-to-Go – Silence the Stain
    Brilliant. Great messaging, hilarious execution. Too bad it looks like traffic brought down mytalkingstain.com initially after the spot ran.


  • G2 – Derek Jeter
    Let’s be real. That was a letdown after the cool teaser campaign.
  • Garmin – Napoleon
    Um. WHAT?
  • CareerBuilder – Follow Your Heart
    Okay, it was better than than I thought it’d be after I saw the teaser, but sorry, I still hate the heart. I don’t think this is any better than the jungle ads from last year (which I actually liked & thought were very funny) & it’s not even close to the monkeys.

If you missed any of the ads, watch them HERE.


1. www.nbaroto.com - February 3, 2008

I will agree that Breathing Fire and Tide to Go are among the top three. I would throw in the Naomi Campbell SoBe Life Water ad as well.

As for the bottom three. Garmin and Napoleon was stupid. And the Audi R8 was beyond stupid. And yeah, I’d say the G2 gets thrown in there as well.

My analysis is at : http://www.nbaroto.com

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