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Three Up & Three Down – Super Bowl Second Half Ads February 3, 2008

Posted by Amy in advertising, sports.
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First of all, what an unbelievable game. I’m so happy I didn’t care about the outcome. That makes the entire game so much more enjoyable. Anyway, here are my second half ad picks:


  • NFL – Chester Pitts
    “Hi. I’m Chester.” Give them credit, the NFL always makes great spots. And unlike the NHL, they always do a good job of marketing their players. “I play the oboe.” Aw. I almost played the oboe, but I switched to flute at the last minute.
  • Coke – Floats
    Aw. Such a Coke ad, if you know what I mean. Whimsical, witty, likable.
  • Semi-Pro/Bud Light
    I would watch Will Ferrell read a phone book.


  • IceBreakers Ice Cubes – Carmen Electra
    I’m having trouble properly expressing the stupidity of this spot. House (next on FOX!! if you didn’t know) showed that you can use Carmen Electra in a clever way. This was not it.
  • Vitamin Water – Shaq Jockey
    You know, considering how clever the copy on their packaging is, it’s surprising how bad the rest of Vitamin Water’s marketing is.
  • CareerBuilder – Spider
    I liked this one even less than the heart. Disappointing showing from CareerBuilder this year. I think they panicked putting their account up after last year. There wasn’t anything wrong with the jungle campaign.

Again, if you missed any of the ads, catch them HERE.

Congrats to the Giants. It was definitely a great show.


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