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Live-Blogging Lost 4.1 January 31, 2008

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8:59 – First new Lost episode of the year! OMG awesome. I really couldn’t be more excited & not just because I am in serious writers’ strike-induced new episode withdrawal. However, I’ll be real, not only has it been a long time since this show’s been on, but I only sporadically watched it last year anyway. So this should be fun & informative, right?

9:00 – Like a gazillion years ago on Lost, the Lost-a-ways got a signal off to a supposed rescue boat. But Charlie told Desmond right before he drowned it was Not Penny’s Boat. Touche. Also, we saw a flash-forward of Jack & Kate in the future. Jack is convinced they have to go back. Everyone is confused.

9:01 – Hurley’s in a high-speed car chase. Jack’s watching on TV. When they catch him, he screams at him that he’s one of the “Oceanic Six.” It’s a flash-forward. Yeah, I’m still confused.

9:02 – Lost title sequence of ominous floating text.

9:05 – Eli Stone looks terrrrrible. Man, the networks must be desperate for any sort of original content.

9:06 – At the police station, a police detective is interrogating Hurley & wants to know why he freaked out in a convenience store. The detective is a Hey It’s That Guy who I know from a Criminal Minds episode & also as a sniper in that Samuel L Jackson/Kevin Spacey movie, The Negotiator. The detective tells Hurley Ana Lucia was his partner. Huh. I really didn’t like that chick. I wonder if we’ve seen this dude before then in one of her flashback episodes…. IMDB confirms, yes. Hurley lies that he never met her. Hurley hallucinates that the two-way mirror in the interrogation room explodes & fills the room with water. Um. Yeah, dude is crazy. The detective offers to put him up in a nice looney bin. Hurley thinks that would be awesome.

9:09 – Back to the island, Hurley radios from the beach to Jack. Jack tells him he talked to Not Penny’s Boat & they’re coming to pick them up. Jack says they’re heading back to the beach to get rescued & stuff. The Lost-a-ways can’t find Crazy Crazy Locke, last seen killing Naomi the Not Penny’s Boat fraud. Jack tells Kate they’re really going home. Everyone is all happy, but since we watched the 45,000 previews ABC has been showing, we know that they are fools.

9:11 – Ben tells Rousseau to take Alex & get as far away as possible because everyone is going to die. Rousseau is not amused. She punches Ben for saying Alex is his daughter. I am lost. No pun intended. Seriously, how long has it been since this show has been on? I’m pretty impressed with myself that I still remember the characters’ names.

9:12 – Back on the beach, Hurley tells Bernard about that time that he won the lottery & it was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Then Hurley goes & cannonballs in the water & the music is peaceful for a second before he sees the Sayid/Jim/Desmond group of Lost-a-ways coming back on the beach. He joins the group just in time to hear Desmond ramble on about how they can’t contact Not Penny’s Boat. Everyone is confused. I’m confused because it seemed like Desmond was already with Sayid’s group & yet Desmond conveniently waited for Hurley to finish his cannonball before telling everyone about this really important news. Hey, priorities, right? Desmond also chooses now to tell everyone about poor, dead Charlie.

9:14 – Back to Jack’s group, Jack is in the process of lying to Not Penny’s Boat person about Naomi’s whereabouts when he realizes poor, dead Naomi is gone. Man, dead people on this show are so unreliable! Jack goes to threaten Ben, who just looks at him bemusedly.

9:18 – On the beach, everyone argues about whether to call Jack. Sawyer: “Look, I’m sorry he’s dead, but I don’t even know what Not Penny’s Boat means.” Well, Sawyer, you should have watched the recap show right before this. That explained everything pretty clearly, I thought.

9:19 – Sayid says calling Jack will just warn the Not Penny’s Boat people that they’re on to them because they’re probably monitoring their communications. Sawyer says he’s got the walkie & he’s making the call. Hurley, as usual, over-reacts & throws the walkie into the ocean. Oh, Hurley. Why are you so useless? Hurley says they better be going.

9:19 – Rousseau tells Jack she found blood & thinks Naomi crawled away. I dunno, Rousseau, she looked pretty dead to me. Jack insists on taking Ben with them. I’m trying to remember how many times the Others have had some of the Lost-a-ways captured & how many times the Lost-a-ways have had some of the Others & man, how many seasons has this crap been going on?

9:20 – Kate also found a blood trail & thinks they should follow both. Jack is just about over it & just wants to get on Not Penny’s Boat & laugh about their disagreements & go about resolving all of that UST with all available female characters as soon as possible. Jack tells Kate to get everyone else back to the beach while he tracks Naomi down. They hug & the ominous music tells us something significant is happening. Or maybe it’s just the UST soundtrack. It’s hard to tell.

9:21 – The Beach-a-ways load up on guns & we flash forward again. Hurley’s playing Connect 4 in a mental institution. He has a visitor, who says he’s a rep from Oceanic Airlines. Hurley does not look happy to see him & also looks kind of drugged up. The guy says Oceanic heard about what happened to him & they feel bad so they want to “upgrade” him to a nicer mental institution. Apparently, Hurley’s in a coach institution & Oceanic wants to get him up to business class, as if he’d be less of a PR threat there. Hurley is confused as well & asks for a business card, which the guy doesn’t have. The guy suddenly asks threateningly if “they” are still alive. Hurley freaks out & the guy makes a quick exit as the nurses swarm to drug him up.

9:23 – In the woods, Sawyer asks Hurley if he wants to talk about Charlie, which Hurley does not. Sawyer goes on ahead & Hurley immediately becomes lost. There’s a lot of wind & scary music & Hurley runs into a shack thing deal. A light comes on. Uh oh. Uh oh what, Hurley? I can’t take any more characters.

9:29 – Rousseau tells Jack the blood trail has ended & she thinks Naomi tricked them & doubled back. This chick certainly thinks quick on her feel, for a person who has a knife stuck in her back. Jack realizes he’s lost the phone. Ben tells him that Kate took it when they were having their UST-tastic hug.

9:30 – Meanwhile, Kate is following the other blood trail & gets a call on the sat phone. She tells the Not Penny’s Boat guy that they’re looking for Naomi. He is confused, as am I when Kate quickly hangs up. If all she was going to do was volunteer useless, confusing information, why pick up the phone at all? Suddenly, blood drops on Kate’s arm & Naomi jumps out of a tree & puts the knife that was previously in her back to Kate’s throat. Man, she’s coordinated for someone who was recently stabbed & declared dead by Doctor Jack.

9:31 – Naomi forces Kate to give her the phone & she bluffs to George (Not Penny’s Boat guy) that she was hurt in the accident when she parachuted in. She stays alive long enough to change the signal so Not Penny’s Boat can find the island again, then dies, much to Kate’s horror.

9:33 – Meanwhile, back at Hurley’s crazy shack of craziness, Hurley crazies his way in circles until suddenly there’s Crazy Locke staring down at him. Crazy Locke gives him some (probably crazy) water. He tells Hurley they have to talk Jack & the others that Not Penny’s Boat is not coming to rescue them, or Charlie died for nothing.

9:35 – Hurley & Locke join Sawyer’s group & they are soon found by Sun & Bernard & the others. Hurley has to tell Claire about Charlie. It pretty much sucks. In fact, it sucks so much, we are thrown right into a flash-forward.

9:43 – In the future, Hurley is still at the mental institution & another crazy person tells him someone is staring at him. It’s…dun dun dun…Charlie. Turns out he’s the one Hurley saw & freaked out at in the convenience store. Charlie tells him he is dead, but he’s also here. Charlie slaps him to prove it. He tells him “they” need him. Him being Hurley. I’m so confused. Hurley forces the Charlie vision away. So it really was a vision. It would be awesome if it wasn’t & it might lend credence to the “purgatory” theory.

9:46 – Jack has found the rest of the Lost-a-ways. He attacks Locke, takes his gun &…pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. It wasn’t loaded. Touche, Locke!

9:51 – Locke tells the group he did everything for all of the Lost-a-ways’ best interest. Jack says all Locke ever does is destroy chances for them to get off the island. Locke says they have to move to the Others’ barracks to hide from the Not Penny’s Boat people…whoever the hell they are. Jack says no one is going anywhere, but Hurley tearfully speechifies about Charlie. Man, did I miss something? Did anybody actually tell Jack about Charlie’s message before this? Of course Jack still thinks Not Penny’s Boat is coming to rescue them. Hurley indignantly defies Jack & says he’s listening to Charlie. A large group of the Lost-a-ways, along with Ben, decide to go with Locke.

9:55 – Among those who stay with Jack: Kate, Bernard & Rose. But if Hurley was one of the Oceanic Six, that means the groups must have combined again at some point.

9:56 – Flash forward. Jack visits Hurley in the gym of craziness. Jack is clean-shaven, in a suit & back doing surgical stuff. He says he’s thinking of growing a beard. Hurley wants to know what he’s really doing there. He says Jack’s just checking to see if he’s nuts & if he’s going to tell. Jack doesn’t deny it & quickly leaves. Hurley stops him & says he’s sorry he went with Locke. He should have stayed with Jack. Jack says it’s water under the bridge. Hurley says “it” wants them to come back. Jack yells that they’re never going back. Never say never, dude, says crazy Hurley. Nothing is cleared up.

9:58 – Jack & Kate are looking at the remains of the plane. They hear a chopper & see parachuters. They find Not Penny’s Boat Guy, who asks if he’s Jack.

10:00 – Next Thursday… “I’m here to rescue you!” Or, you know, not.


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