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Notes from the NHL All-Star Game January 27, 2008

Posted by Amy in sports.
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Just a few brief notes…

  • Stunningly, the game was actually—dare I say it?—pretty great. I mean, there was actual suspense. Solid goaltending despite the score. Lots of pretty goals. A big rally from the West. No decision until the final seconds. Good stuff.
  • What occurred to me was people might ask, what made this ASG different from all those horrible ASGs we’ve seen? Absolutely nothing. They didn’t do anything different. It just happened to be a good game. It’s a crap-shoot.
  • The anthems just made me so depressed. Who the F is Kathleen Edwards? She was wearing a t-shirt & literally looked like some college student they pulled off the street. But I checked & it turns out that she in fact a recording artist. And then came the American anthem… the Atlanta boys choir? Seriously, NHL? Seriously??
  • Again, I just have to say that apparently, I have seriously underestimated both Rick DiPietro‘s goaltending skills and his personality. He was a revelation this weekend. I’m going to stop ragging on him about his contract.
  • Isn’t it amazing how the mere presence of Gary Bettman can just suck the good will out of a room? It doesn’t matter how harmless a situation it is—it’s an All-Star Game, for goodness sake—Bettman shows up & the situation turns hostile.
  • PS: Could not believe him when the announcers asked him about the schedule change. “We have to take it slow?” Is he serious? “It would result in less divisional play…” Um, that’s what we WANT, you imbecile! You say that like not seeing LA & Phoenix every other game would be a bad thing. ARGH! And I simply don’t believe him when he says they’ve done research & the majority of people don’t feel strongly about changing the schedule so every team visits every other team. I literally think he made that up. I hate that guy so much, it actually hurts.
  • Anyway. Sorry, he gets me riled up. Besides Bettman, it was actually a pretty good show. Mike Ribeiro had some nice chances. I’m glad he had a good showing. Now it’s back to the real world…


1. fullbodytransplant - January 28, 2008
2. sauer kraut - January 28, 2008

Keep ragging… keeps them humble.

As for the anthem, why not? Not like they gave a Roseanne Barr performance.

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