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Live-Blogging Project Runway 4.9 January 23, 2008

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10:00 – Victorya & Sweet P are sad that Kit is gone. So am I. Over in the boys’ apartment, Ricky laments that every time he goes to judging, he’s told he’s not good enough. And yet, we still have to put up with his presence. Why is that?

10:03 – Christian chooses to stay with his model & thanks the model he eliminates “more than life.” Okay. I’m going to start thanking people like that from now on. “Did you get that report I sent you?” “Yes. Thank you more than life.”

10:04 – Heidi tells the designers Tim will take them on a field trip. Everyone groans. I feel the designers this season are not doing a very good job at hiding their exasperation over the fact that they are on a reality show.

10:04 – They arrive at a pier & meet a woman from Levi’s. Tim tells them behind a large door will be the raw materials for their challenge. The door opens & there are tons & tons of Levi’s jeans. That’s not too bad. My roommate thought it was going to be fish guts.

10:07 – Back in the workroom, Ricky says no one can fit denim like he can. I despise him so much. He says he’s going to do a corset. I hope he fails at whatever he does.

10:09 – Chris & Christian bicker about how to clean denim. Chris says it’s so cute to see youth. Aw! I love both of them.

10:10 – Christian whines at his deconstruction. Everyone rolls their eyes. One thing I’m grateful for this season is I actually like the designer we’re supposed to not like. Like I couldn’t stand Santino or Jeffrey. Y’all can roll your eyes, but if Christian doesn’t make the top three, something seriously wrong has happened.

10:11 – Victorya & Jillian are both making denim coats. Jillian is annoyed. I can actually see some emotion from her this week…she’s making progress toward becoming a person, I feel.

10:15 – Did everyone notice that Levi’s changed that commercial so there’s a guy in the phone booth instead of a girl? I don’t know which statement they are trying to make with that, but I thought it was interesting.

10:17 – Sweet P says she’s making a wedding dress out of her denim. WHAT? Oh, I fear for her. Or it could be fierce, there’s no way of telling.

10:18 – Christian and Chris talk about how few people are left. They look at Ricky disdainfully. As do we all, Christian and Chris, as do we all.

10:19 – Tim comes in for consultations. He says Ricky’s piece is stunning. Oh dear, I just felt my first pain of doubt toward Tim’s judgment. Tim asks Chris what he’s doing with part of his garment. Chris says he’s keeping it the way it is. Tim is dubious. Chris doesn’t care. Oh, Chris. Chris, Chris, Chris. Have we all seen the show? ALWAYS listen to Tim Gunn.

10:22 – Tim expresses much doubt toward Sweet P’s wedding dress. She says she’ll fix it. You see, Chris? That is how to react to Tim Gunn’s dubiousness.

10:24 – Jillian bemoans her overly ambitious coat project & whines about time management. She is crying because she keeps stabbing herself in the fingers. She cries that she is bleeding everywhere, but Rami says he can’t see any blood at all. I think maybe this is all of the emotion Jillian has been penting up for her entire life and it’s now all coming out in an extremely overdramatic and useless way.

10:27 – Oooooh, Top Chef Chicago! Okay!

10:29 – It’s day of runway show and Jillian is in her usual state of last minute subdued freakout. Tim comes in to make his product placement speech and send in the models. Jillian scolds her model for being silly and thinking she’d having something to try on.

10:32 – Jillian says hers and Victorya’s outfits look so similar. I’m kind of afraid for Victorya. Christian says if he sees another tube dress, he will just die. I just love him, I don’t even care.

10:36 – You know, not that I would watch it anyway, but I don’t think I can get over my dislike of Lake Bell enough to watch “Over Her Dead Body.” You know how some actors you really like or hate for their whole career because of one role? That’s Lake Bell for me because of Boston Legal. Hate.

10:39 – Runway time. Heidi’s hair looks really pretty. She says there will be no more immunity for the winners. She introduces the guest judge, Caroline Calvin from Levi’s. Let’s start the show!

10:40 – Chris’s dress is…just kind of a dress. Ricky’s is…actually cute. It’s super fitted and has this cool pleating on the bottom. I gotta admit, it’s pretty hot. Sweet P’s patchwork is actually really cute too.

10:41 – Victorya’s trench turned out kind of blah. Rami’s is pretty hot and so is Christian’s. Jillian’s coat looks like a much less impressive version of what she did last week, down to the double-breasting.

10:42 – I hate what Christian did with his model’s hair and makeup. She looks butch. Maybe that’s the point though. The judges think his look is great. Yeah, go Christian!

10:44 – The judges think Chris’s dress looks a little home-sewn. Should have listened to Tim Gunn, dude.

10:44 – Ricky says his look is denim-done-up. The judges actually love it. Ricky is thrilled. Michael Kors says it’s very Amy Winehouse. The judges continue to compliment Ricky…and he CRIES! OMG! He whines about it being a rollercoaster. They like him, they don’t like him. Dude. Seriously? They like you WHEN YOU DON’T SUCK. The reason they haven’t liked you so far is because you have CONSISTENTLY BEEN TERRIBLE. OMG SHUT UP.

10:46 – The judges are not as in love with Jillian’s coat. They think there’s too much and it’s not flattering on the model. She’s got this weird red detailing on one shoulder that is distracting. It kind of looks like leftover Twizzlers from the Hersheys challenge.

10:47 – Sweet P says the patchwork got a lot more chic after she made it short. The judges love it. Michael Kors says he’d wear it…with the right shoes. And that is why we love Michael Kors.

10:48 – Victorya says she started with an existing jean jacket. Oh dear. Nina doesn’t think she was inspired.

10:49 – Judging. The judges really like Ricky’s piece. In the room, Ricky—you guessed it—cries. Oh, come ON. The judges also love Christian & Sweet P. They thought it was nice to see something different from Rami.

10:50 – They think Jillian’s looked like a marshmallow, Chris’s was boring and Victorya’s made no sense and wasn’t fun. OMG. I think Victorya might be out here and that sucks because she might not be the most likable designer there is, but I think she’s one of the more talented ones. And this season, there aren’t too many of those.

10:55 – Rami is in. The winner…RICKY. OMG. Thank God he does not get immunity.

10:56 – In the back room, Ricky is surprisingly calm. No tears. It’s almost disappointing. Sweet P is in. Christian is in. Chris…is in. So disappointing. Between the three designers left, Chris is by far the least talented and promising. There’s no way he’s the next great American designer. And I like Chris, but Project Runway kind of made me question their integrity as a competition last year when they let Jeffrey win and when they do things like this, it annoys me.

10:57 – Jillian…is in. Victorya is aufed. Man that’s disappointing. Not because hers wasn’t bad, because it was, but there was too many people who are so much worse designers (let’s be real, Chris & Ricky) left for her to go. In the backroom, Victorya says she intends to have a long career in fashion. I…can buy that. G’luck, Victorya.

11:00 – Next week…Tim Gunn thinks something is hideous. Some designer is probably going to stupidly not listen to him again.


1. tc - January 28, 2008

love these blogs on my favorite show! Very entertaining!

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