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Live-Blogging Project Runway 4.8 January 16, 2008

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10:00 – Previously on Project Runway, everyone except Kevin knows you ALWAYS listen to Tim Gunn. Bye, Kevin!

10:01 – Ricky says he’ll miss Kevin, but he’s glad it’s not him. And then he immediately bursts into tears. Okay, no he didn’t. But you know he probably wanted to.

10:02 – Heidi comes out & brings out the models, who all have crazy hair. The challenge is to create an avant-garde look based off the models’ hairstyles. Awesome!

10:04 – Sweet P picks her model based off her hairstyle. Red flag!

10:05 – Ricky is the last one to pick models. He picks and then…yes, I definitely see tears. Nice! Five minutes in. Is this a new record?

10:05 – PS, the model Ricky picked had hideous hair. HIDEOUS.

10:06 – Back in the workroom, Tim announces that because it is such a large challenge—and because this season has been in desperate need of rating-hiking drama—they will be working in teams of two.

10:06 – Most everyone is surprisingly okay with their partner. Tim announces each team must choose a team leader & presumedly, whichever model has the least hideous hair.

10:07 – Ricky’s team promptly picks Kit’s model because of Ricky’s model’s aformentioned hideous hair. I feel vindicated that they also thought it was hideous, but then, I don’t really understand why he chose her instead of one of the other two girls. She’d have to be like a really, really awesome walker to overcome the hideous hair.

10:07 – Kit is team leader over Ricky, which is making me rub my hands together with glee, thinking of the tears ahead.

10:07 – Red flags are flying all over the place with Victorya the Previously Established Bad Team Player and Jillian the Non-Emotive Robot. They passive-agressively flip a coin to determine Victorya will be team leader. Jillian non-emotes concern & I think unhappiness, although it is difficult to tell for sure.

10:09 – After shopping at Mood, the designers talk about their plans. Christian says that if he was a diva, his name would be Feroc (as in Ferocious), which I love. I’m going to randomly pick one of my friends and start calling them that.

10:10 – Jillian says she’s pretty worried about her and Victorya’s time management. She could have fooled me.

10:11 – Rami tells Sweet P to put something on the dress form in a condescending tone. In interview, he tells us he took over the corset and asked Sweet P if she could do the trousers and she “reassured” him that she could. I am officially worried for Sweet P and Rami’s trousers.

10:13 – Surprise! Rami is fussing over Sweet P’s pants already. Rami he-says that he’s being slowed down by having to attend to Sweet P’s work, Sweet P she-says that she doesn’t understand why Rami’s so stressed out because they finished what they wanted to finish already & they’re ahead of the game. Oh, Sweet P. Please stop lurching toward elimination.

10:15 – The next day is here and Sweet P is worried that Rami was mad at her last night. In the workroom, she makes some suggestions, which he immediately shoots down and tells her he will take over the back of the dress. Oooh, now I’m worried for Rami.

10:16 – Here comes Tim Gunn. The music gets that dark & ominous like it does everytime Tim is about to announce a surprise no one wants to hear, like that time the Season 2 finalists had to design a 13th look in a day, or that time everyone accused Jeffrey of cheating… Ah, good times.

10:17 – There will be another look walking down the runway tomorrow! Each team also has to do a ready-to-wear garment with the essence of the avant-garde look, whatever that means. Everyone is furious. Christian actually indignantly points scissors at Tim Gunn. Jillian actually emotes that she is upset. Tim says they have to send one member of each team back to Mood for more fabric.

10:18 – Christian is now totally not scared. I’m not scared for him and Chris either. I think they’re going to be awesome. I am highly scared for Victorya and Jillian, who are now passive aggressively trying to figure out who will go to the store. Rami continues to dismiss Sweet P and I am just about ready to call Rami for getting auf-ed.

10:20 – Victorya actually sort of sweetly thanks Jillian for going to Mood. Jillian tells her to pray for them.

10:23 – Back in the workroom, Tim sends in the models. Shockingly, Sweet P doesn’t like all the crap Rami stuck on their dress.

10:23 – Victorya tells her model that as usual, she only has pants to let her try on. In the sewing room, Jillian is working away at the top. Sweet P says that her dress is pretty much done and Jillian hilariously monotones that great, everyone’s done but her and Victorya. No, seriously, it’s the delivery that really makes it great.

10:24 – Jillian reminds us that Victorya is immune for this challenge. Thanks, Jillian! I’d totally forgotten that. Sucks for you, though.

10:25 – Oh, man. Chris and Christian’s model has a giant…thing of ruffles like attached for her neck. It looks ridiculous. They’ll probably win.

10:26 – Sweet P says Rami “let” her do the ready-to-wear look and it’s totally cute. Cue Rami to come not-so-subtly by to check on her and criticize her progress. They bicker about whose team it is. Rami just wants a time plan, Sweet P just wants him to stop freaking out. I am officially ready to call Rami to be auf-ed.

10:28 – Tim brings in Nathaniel Hawkins from TRESemme to consult for hair. They have to translate the avant-garde hair to the everyday woman. Nathaniel says the winning team’s looks and models will be featured in a TRESemme ad in Elle Magazine. Everyone claps for product placement perks.

10:29 – Tim comes back in for his consultation rounds. He asks how Team Fierce (Chris and Christian) is doing…he is dubious about their ready-to-wear look. Christian blows him off, which, as a rule of thumb, is a bad idea.

10:30 – Tim doesn’t think Rami and Sweet P have gone far enough with their avant-garde piece. Sure enough, it looks alarmingly similar to the kind of Euro look we’ve already seen from Rami. Tim is worried. Rami misses the point that the judges haven’t seen corsets from him before. Then he says he and Sweet P think differently and are working as a team. Sweet P starts to talk and Rami talks over her. I kind of expect Sweet P to punch Rami in the face.

10:32 – Tim looooves Victorya and Jillian’s jacket, but they haven’t even started the second look. It looks like the two of them have settled into a mutual panic-induced nice working relationship.

10:33 – Jillian freaks out about something with her sewing machine. She shows as much emotion in that three seconds as she has this entire season to date. I am actually startled.

10:35 – Day of Runway Show arrives and Jillian and Victorya just now start on their second dress. Jillian semi-emotes that she will move at the speed of light to finish it. I now have little doubt. After all, I actually consider Jillian and Victorya two of the strongest designers this season.

10:36 – The models are sent in. Ricky is unhappy with the everyday look. He says they’re telling Kit’s story. Kit’s story looks…kind of like something you’d find in the juniors section at Macy’s.

10:37 – Chris and Christian get their models in their looks and exude much confidence. Jillian and Victorya fuss over their models and say that their second look was definitely an afterthought. They call themselves Team Last Minute. LOL. I totally belong to that team.

10:41 – Off to the runway they go. The designers are impressed by guest judge Alberta Ferretti. One of the designers will be named the winner and only one of them will be out. Let’s star the show!

10:42 – Rami and Sweet P’s avant-garde piece is nice…it’s definitely very him. I think it will pale in comparison to, say, Chris and Christian’s. Sweet P’s everyday look is adorable & matches the other piece very well.

10:43 – Chris and Christian’s absurd ruffle explosion comes out. The model looks like she is drowning in ruffles. She totally works it though, especially at her exit pose. Hey, if you can model that, you can model anything, right?

10:44 – Their ready-to-wear look is kind of hot too. It’s extremely Christian, in fact, it kind of looks like his everyday woman outfit that won the skinny lady challenge. They definitely translated the looks well, because the avant-garde look was SO absurd and the ready-to-wear look was SO ready-to-wear, I say they’re definitely top 2, at least.

10:45 – Kit is nervous because their look isn’t very high fashion. I think they were really unlucky to go after Chris and Christian. Their everyday look looks especially mundane.

10:46 – Jillian and Victorya’s punk-goth jacket comes out. It’s definitely ambitious. The model works like crazy to get everything unbutton so they can see what’s underneath at the end of the runway. The ready-to-wear look is nice and simple. There’s nothing wrong with it except that it’s just a black dress, but Jillian is unhappy with it.

10:47 – Rami & Sweet P and Kit & Ricky had the lowest scores. The judges will talk to the others first. Between these two teams, I have to say Chris and Christian definitely executed both pieces better. They have two complete outfits that really hit the challenge right on the nose.

10:48 – Christian tells the judges their avant-garde piece was made with 45 yards of fabric. Alberta says it’s definitely avant-garde. Michael Kors and Nina both love the ready-to-wear look. I guess even Tim Gunn has to be wrong every once in a while.

10:49 – The judges think Victorya and Jillian’s punk-goth silhouette is very good. I didn’t notice it earlier, but they actually did a ton of detailing on the back of the shirt, which was never seen because of the jacket. I don’t really get why they’d spend so much time on that since it was going to be covered the whole time. Anyway, it’s awesome looking. Nina doesn’t even mind the simple everyday black dress.

10:50 – The low-scored teams come back. They start with Rami and Sweet P. Looking at their avant-garde piece again, it becomes painfully clear that Rami did the same draping and pinching he did on two previous outfits already. I mean, it’s cool and all, but what an obvious one-note to have. The judges think Sweet P’s commercial piece is more forward-looking than the avant-garde piece. I mentally high five Sweet P.

10:51 – Sidebar: Heidi looks really cute today.

10:51 – They bring up the in-team bickering, of course. Sweet P takes the high road. Michael Kors says the best teams aren’t two similar-minded people because then they just sit around telling each other how fabulous they are. Well, isn’t that what Chris and Christian kind of did?

10:52 – Alberta says Kit and Ricky’s dress looks cheap. She says cheap like 15 times, just to make sure that we get our Ricky tears for the episode. Heidi says it doesn’t look well-made. I’m officially wanting to change my auf-ed pick to Kit. Bummer.

10:53 – It just occurred to me what the ready-to-wear dress’s fabric looks like to me. It’s like the exact same fabric that our tablecloth on our kitchen table used to be! Ooh, that’s not a good sign.

10:54 – Judging. The judges continue to love Chris & Christian and Victoria & Jillian. No real indication of who they love more. They bag on Rami for the over-draping, then totally call him on trying to throw Sweet P under the bus. They like Sweet P’s daytime dress. *Mentally fist bumping Sweet P!*

10:55 – The judges hate on Kit and Ricky’s dresses again for being cheap-looking, poorly-made, amateurish and just very, very bad. Decision time.

10:56 – The extended Millionaire Matchmaker promo…actually doesn’t look that bad. I’m stunned. If the writers’ strike keeps going much longer…I might actually check that out.

10:58 – The winner…Christian! Nice. Good for them. Christian actually expresses gratitude for the press he’ll get. I don’t care that he’s arrogant, I’ve decided I love Christian.

10:59 – Victorya and Jillian are also in. Ricky is in…DANG IT! Sweet P is in…yay! *Mentally executes complicated handshake of victory with Sweet P*

11:00 – Kit…is out! Dang. I kind of don’t think she deserved it more than Rami. I mean, Rami proved himself to be a tool AND one-note. Aw, Kit.

11:01 – Next week…looks like that ridiculous recycling challenge from I think Season 2. Jillian continues to express emotions. And Michael Kors tries to make Ricky cry.


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