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Ad Post: Jeep Liberty Pouring In January 13, 2008

Posted by Amy in advertising.
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Jeep Liberty 1:00 spot
Agency: Cutwater

I don’t like, or remember, very many car ads, but I tend to really like the ones I do remember. (One of my favorites recently would be the Versa “Autoclaustrophobiaspots, which were brilliant.) I like that this ad is so unexpected…it doesn’t take itself too seriously & it’s so incredibly likable. I liked the “Have fun out there” tag when they ran that 66 Year Anniversary spot to death last year, but it fits even better here.

Jeep seems to have been around forever, but they still come off as a very youthful, fun brand. It’s easy to forget that Jeep was the sports utility vehicle before sports utility vehicles became gas-guzzling soccer mom accessories. Hope we see more from them soon, it’s nice to see entertaining car advertising again.


1. Ellis Giles - April 19, 2008

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Bamboo and Ethnic Flutes Around the World

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