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Live-Blogging Project Runway 4.7 January 9, 2008

Posted by Amy in Project Runway, TV.
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10:00 – Christian blow-dries his ridiculous hair. Victorya says that crazily enough, she misses Elisa. I know how you feel. That crazy, crazy girl kind of grew on me.

10:03 – Heidi says the challenge is to design for one of the most important days of a woman’s life…prom. Really? If prom is one of the important days of your life, you’ve had a sad life. A bunch of girls who look waaaay too young to be going to prom come out. Whoa! The “models” got to choose the designer. Chris can’t believe some girl chose him & his insane costume designer portfolio.

10:06 – Kit says for girls this young, she thinks the design should be modest. Red flag!

10:07 – Christian’s model is a designer & immediately starts drawing on his paper. He takes it better than I would have thought. And then she insists on lace & craziness. Christian doesn’t take that as well.

10:11 – We see some of the designers’ prom photos. Kit’s is adorable & so normal looking! She says her & her date were king & queen. She says they were “so Orange County.” Aw.

10:12 – Ricky talks on the phone with his mom in Spanish. OMG, he’s so going to cry again! There he goes!

10:13 – Christian hates his tacky dress. He says he can’t let some 17-year-old girl take over his point of view. Oh dear. This can’t end well.

10:16 – That Millionaire Matchmaker show looks hooooooorible.

10:19 – Victorya & Christian both change their design to make it more them. The models & their moms come in.

10:20 – Chris reveals that he was the model in all of his portfolio photos in drag. AHAHA!! We see completely awesome pics of him in drag, including one with giant hair like Tracey in Hairspray. Greatness!

10:21 – Christian’s model predictably doesn’t like his dress. He looks really unhappy. I haven’t been the biggest Christian fan, but he’s strangely sympathetic in this ep. Plus, he’s really talented and deserves to go deep in the competition.

10:23 – Tim comes in for his visit. He tells Kevin Nina will notice the details, like the bottom of his dress. Rami’s dress looks like his first dress, with the hard-core draping. It’s cool-looking, but not really prom-dressy. Tim gets to Christian & kind of gasps his name. I am so worried for him. He sounds so defeatist. Tim tries to talk him up. Christian sounds like he wants to cry. He is completely defeatist.

10:24 – Kevin says he doesn’t want to hem his dress. Oh NO. You stupid, stupid boy. Do you not remember the first rule of Project Runway? Always, always, ALWAYS listen to Tim Gunn.

10:29 – I kind of love the new Match.com “How did it start?” spots. Might have to do an ad post on that one.

10:31 – Christian predictably gets a new wind in the morning. He’s going to “make it work.” Yeah, Christian! I hope he doesn’t get auf-ed.

10:32 – Jillian says she has to tune out all of the noise the teens are making. She still has absolutely no emotion. She’s Robot Jillian. It’s very disconcerting.

10:33 – OMG, did I miss Tim’s product promotion speech? I’m almost disappointed.

10:34 – Kevin’s dress looks soooo generic. And he didn’t hem it. Oh dear. I think he’s in serious trouble.

10:36 – Christian’s model is giving him lip again, but his dress actually looks kinda cute. I’m so Team Christian this week.

10:39 – I now hate that BlueFly.com commercial where the girl gets through airport security by being naked…except for ridiculous spike heels. I mean, even if you did have nothing to wear, you still put on like 5-inch heels? What?

10:40 – Heidi does her spiel on the runway & introduces Gilles Mendel as the guest judge. Let’s start the show!

10:41 – Victorya’s model is a dork at the end of the runway & gives a peace sign. Aw! Her blue dress now has a bunch of rhinestones at the top. I’m not just crazy about it, but I like Victorya.

10:42 – Even I can see that Kevin’s dress is unfinished. Absolutely nothing interesting about this dress. Surprising, because Kevin’s been relatively strong to this point…

10:43 – Christian’s look is actually pretty nice. Ricky’s is boring. No way around it. It’s very pale & is nice, but not prom-dressy. I mean, prom dresses are supposed to be flashy & even a little tacky. Ricky’s…looks like he probably cried making it.

10:44 – Kit, Jillian & Chris are safe. The rest of the models come out.

10:45 – Gilles like the color of Sweet P’s dress. Nina thinks it’s a little adult, but it looks nice. Sweet P is definitely safe.

10:46 – The judges think Kevin’s dress looks matrony & cheap. I kind of feel bad for the girl. Of course, they point out the hem.

10:47 – Victorya’s definitely in. I guess the jewels are in. The judges say it’s really adorable & her dorky model is dorkily happy. I kind of love Victorya’s model.

10:48 – Christian immediately throws his girl under the bus, but in good fun. Nina says Christian as the designer needs to edit, but doesn’t like that he blames the girl.

10:49 – The judges think Ricky’s dress is not well made. Michael Kors thinks the volume needs to be waaaay up. They think Rami’s dress is too sophisticated for the client. Rami says he kept his point of view. The judges say it looked too old-fashioned. Rami is completely unfazed.

10:50 – Judging. They only like Sweet P & Victorya. If I were to guess, I’d say Kevin is gone. But then, Ricky did have his “human” moment at the beginning with his mom, so that’s usually a sign of impending auf-ing…

10:57 – And now for the winner…Victorya. She is so incredibly unexcited. Okay, there’s the smile. What’s with these blah personalities this season? Sweet P is also in. Ricky is in…WHAT? Whatever. Rami is in.

10:59 – Down to Kevin & Christian. Come on. There’s no question, right? Don’t screw this up, judges!

11:00 – Kevin is out. I mean, thank you. Ricky so deserved to be in the bottom two, not Christian. Kevin’s was definitely the worst this week, but both him and Christian have consistently out-talented Ricky. How long is this dude going to hang out & cry every week?

Looks like next week is a team challenge…drama! Love this show…


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