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Ad Post: Subway Fresh Moment January 5, 2008

Posted by Amy in advertising, sports.
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Subway :30 spot
Agency: Venture Communications Calgary

There are make-up calls in every sport & everyone knows it, it’s such a great concept to show the ref actually saying it. And it ties right in to Subway’s brand messaging. Subway’s actually done a very nice job of reinforcing the “fresh” message. It’s pretty much impossible to miss.

They’ve also had some really entertaining spots recently (remember the “Can my butt get any bigger?” Meal?), as well as a very funny branded Web site (where you can order “Love Handles” & “Thunder Thighs” from Burger Town). It’s commendable to see some solid creative from them, because with a message like “fresh,” they could have easily fallen into boring preaching territory. It’s also a welcome departure for the brand from its longtime “Jared” campaigns, which have been around seemingly forever & which I never found that convincing.


1. Jarrod Banadyga - January 6, 2008

Just wanted to note that this particular commercial was not created by MMB Boston, but was created by Venture Communications in Calgary, Canada. At the time, they were AOR for Subway Canada.

I believe the commercial was broadcast in the US after success in Canada.

Not to take away from MMB’s work. Badonkadonk is a great commercial.

And yes, anything is better than Jared.

2. Amy - January 6, 2008

Hi Jarrod,
Thanks for the heads up. It was hard to find a definitive agency for this spot. I just made the assumption b/c it looked like MMB was the AOR in ’07, at least in the US. I’ll change it in the post.


3. Marion Saunders - March 26, 2008

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Russians press advance in the face of diplomatic opposition

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