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This is why the NFL is awesome December 27, 2007

Posted by Amy in sports, TV.
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Why is the NFL the undisputed top sports league in America? Because when they make a big marketing mistake–such as allowing the NFL Network to have exclusive rights to a number of games each season–they recognize it as such…and fix it. Hello? NHL? Are you paying attention?

Having games exclusively on the NFL Network not only forced the millions of fans who don’t have, & in many cases, can’t get, the channel to go to a bar to watch the game, but it also subjected those who did watch to a shamefully inferior broadcast production. Even worse, some of the games that the network received this season were among the most anticipated and important of the year, including the battle between the top teams in the NFC, Dallas & Green Bay, &, most disasterously of all, this week’s New York/New England game when the Patriots will have a chance to complete a perfect 16-0 season…& millions of fans weren’t going to get to watch.

So what did the NFL do? They made a deal with their regular broadcast affiliates, CBS & NBC, to nationally simulcast the game, so their entire audience would be able to tune in & potentially witness history.

The reason why the NFL is so popular is they market their sport well. They market it so well that it really doesn’t matter what else is happening in their game.

Now that is remarkable.



1. Marquis Chapman - December 27, 2007

I’m glad to see that the NFL has fixed this mistake. I don’t understand why they would do this in the first place. Nevertheless, the NFL is awesome.

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